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Double standards and inconsistencies shape refugee policies

Dadaab. The Kenyan government threatens to close the largest refugee camp in the world. NAI-researcher Sirkku Hellsten hopes this will trigger a serious discussion among EU and UN policy makers about general responsibilities on refugee issues. So far, this...

One manual cannot develop Africa

Swedish development cooperation should recognize the many differences between African countries. No single manual can serve them all. Moreover, Sweden should support more already existing African development initiatives. These are some of the Nordic...

A constant state of precariousness

Migration. Having the correct documents or not – that is what African migrants in Greece are most concerned about.  Their future depends on it. Without the paper work in order, they can never get a formal job and a steady income, or go back and forth between...

Angola’s struggle against oil dependency

Urban research. Although economic diversification has been a buzzword for years, Angola is still heavily dependent on oil revenues. The sharp downturn in oil prices has put the country in a difficult situation. 

Assumptions and desires on gender in Africa

NAD 2016. NAI-researcher Maria Eriksson Baaz is one of the keynote speakers at the Nordic Africa Days in September, a two-day conference that this year will focus on gender and change in Africa. In her talk, Eriksson Baaz will offer critical reflections on how...

What can Sweden do for Africa and Africa for Sweden in the UN?

Sweden’s bid for the Security Council. The Swedish government should involve the African diaspora to secure the support of African countries in the UN. It also needs to clarify in what ways Sweden’s feminist foreign policy is compatible with African values.

Creative ways of resistance among youth

Tunisia. The revolution did not turn out as the youth had hoped. By creative means, they protest against and resist the new leaders. NAI guest researcher Sofia Laine looks at political engagement among the youth of the country.

Research indicates how to increase use of cooking-gas

Ghana. Fresh research suggests that cooking-gas subsidies should target the urban poor and rural households. NAI researcher George Adu has looked at incentives to change household behaviour in the use of cooking fuel.

Sexual rights – constitution versus tradition

Keynote at Nordic Africa Days. South Africa has a rather progressive constitution that protects sexual orientation. “However, the rights depend too much on who you are, how much money you have and where you live”, Professor Kopano Ratele says.

The committee that re-shaped Finland’s Africa policy

Southern Africa. Börje Mattsson walked through the bush with Angola’s freedom fighters and later contributed to a key change in Finnish official policy towards Southern Africa’s liberation movements. Now writing his memoir, he uses the NAI library to get his facts...

Buhari’s one year of pains and achievements

Nigeria. After one year in office, president Buhari has attained some of his election promises. However, many citizens have yet not seen any real improvement of their living conditions. Head of research at NAI, Victor Adetula, analyses results and future...

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