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A decent president no precedent for prestigious prize

New book on Namibia. Last year, when it was announced that Namibia’s president Pohamba had been awarded the Ibrahim Prize, a wave of patriotism swept the country with such force that even his former critics turned into fans. But researcher Henning Melber refuses to align...

African literature in local radio

Three favourite books. Head of NAI library Åsa Lund Moberg participated in the local radio program ’Förmiddag i P4 Uppland’ on Thursday. She was asked to recommend literature from Africa. “I chose three books, one is set in Somalia (or current Somaliland) and two set in...

Discussion on the AU-UN strategic partnership

Today, on Africa Day, the  International Peace Institute in New York  holds a policy forum discussion on the AU-UN strategic partnership, cohosted by the Nordic Africa Institute. The event will be broadcasted on live stream web-tv.

From top-down to flexible cooperation

Policy advice on development support. Sweden and other donor countries should focus more on flexible constellations and networks in their regional support to Africa.

No end in sight to Guelleh era

Djibouti. Ismail Omar Guelleh, who has served 17 years as president of Djibouti, was re-elected on 8 April with 87 per cent of the vote. On Sunday, he was sworn in for a fourth term in office.

“Witchcraft works like doping in sports”

Witchcraft and witch killings in Tanzania Witchcraft is much more efficient than many religions because it actually resolves problems in this life and not only in the afterlife. That is why witchcraft can function hand in hand with other religions. “It works like doping in sports. Although...

Middle class – driver of change?

“How do we define the middle class? In Africa, it is not obvious who belongs or not. Moreover, even when we manage to define – is it certain they are the drivers of socio-economic change in Africa? “ NAI’s Senior Advisor Henning Melber is among the...

"We should fight impunity, not whistle-blowers"

Corruption, although it is a global phenomenon, has particular implications for development in African countries. Each year, billions of dollars disappear from the continent and end up in tax havens. “It takes global efforts to fight against...

Peace Building and Regional Economic Communities

Submit abstracts. A two-day policy dialogue in Abuja, Nigeria in September will focus on lessons learnt from the experiences of IGAD and ECOWAS. Policy experts on these matters are welcome to submit abstracts until May 15.

Democratisation and political governance

Seminar in the Swedish Riksdag on May 23 ‘Democratization and governance under President Kagame’. What does the future hold for Rwanda in terms of inclusive governance and democratization? What does the constitutional amendment imply for Rwanda's...

Political experiments in urban jungles

Segregration. Dystopic reputation in cities lika Lagos and Detroit  has opened the backdoor to large-scale experiments that favour the already privileged.

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