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Gender and language

NAD 2016. There can be skewed gender relations in a society even though the language is gender neutral. Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju on the Yoruba language at the Nordic Africa Days.

Africa low priority in the US election

Elections in the US and Africa. African expectations of the US election should be low, according to NAI’s head of research, Victor Adetula. Whichever candidate wins, Africa is unlikely to be a priority of the next administration in the US.

Villagers resolved border dispute

Burkina Faso and Mali. A border conflict that ended up being arbitrated in court is now being referred to by the African Union as a successful example of how local authorities can cooperate across borders. NAI guest researcher Lassane Yameogo has conducted research in two...

Unresolved tensions in Burundi

Burundi seminar. Understanding the legacy of Burundi’s colonial past and the drive for dominion as well as engaging in regional dialogue, is necessary to manage the country’s simmering conflict, says Visiting Professor Tim Murithi, who joins a panel discussion on...

Unequal work-burden among scholars

Ghana. The female scholar needs to take care of the house and children at same time as she makes her academic career. A male scholar on the other hand can focus entirely on his career. Lily Adu-Aboagye on different terms between the sexes in Ghana.

Human rights abuses – a way of governance

UN report on Burundi. “The Burundi regime has created a national state of fear, where systematic human rights abuses are a way of governance”, says NAI researcher Jesper Bjarnesen, commenting on a recent UN report.

Micro-credits are not enough

Gender and change. Entrepreneurship alone is not a way out of poverty. Cecilia Navarra on women’s socio-economic empowerment.

Social relations have more impact than technical equipment

Domestic labour. In many African countries, different eras have shaped how domestic work is organised. According to Deborah Bryceson, who has researched on domestic labour in Africa, changed social relations have had more impact to women’s housework than any technical...

Limited access to education for girls

Rural South Africa. Boys are in school while girls are missing out because they have to collect firewood, fetch water and watch their siblings.

His mission: To strengthen the links between Uganda and Sweden

”Although l have quite long experience of East Africa it was enriching to meet experts on Uganda”, says newly appointed Swedish ambassador to Uganda, Per Lindgärde. He visited NAI for the ambassador-coaching program and met researchers Angela...

Tackling maternal mortality with mobility

Kenya. Pregnant women in rural areas lack access to health care facilities. Recent research, however, shows that mobile health apps and mobile health clinics might be part of the solution.

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