Africanists in the Nordic countries

Africanists in the Nordic Countries is an online database of more than 300 researchers on Africa in the Nordic countries with an advanced university degree in the social sciences or humanities engaged in research on Africa or relevant for Africa.

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• to facilitate networking among Africanists in the Nordic countries
• to serve as a basic guide to the Nordic world of research on Africa

Information about the database
More information on the database is available on a separate webpage.

Would you like to be included in the database?
If you fulfil the criteria and would like to be included in the database please submit your information by downloading our questionnaire (pdf).

Information about Africa
If you are looking for further information about Africa we have chosen A Guide to Africa on the Internet as a starting point.

Maintenance and update
The database is maintained and updated by the Nordic Africa Institute. To have information updated, please send a message to