Current research projects

This is a list of current research projects at the Institute, divided in the four research themes.

Conflict, Security and Democratic Transformation

AU Waging Peace? Explaining the Militarization of the African Peace and Security Architecture
(started in 2016). Linnea Gelot (formerly Bergholm) and Mikael Eriksson.

Battles over boundaries - contested devolution in Kenya and Uganda
(started in 2016). Anders Sjögren

Between Big Man Politics and Democratisation: Local Perceptions and Individual Agency in Processes of Electoral Violence
(started in 2012).  Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs, Jesper Bjarnesen, Mats Utas, Jonathan Hall and Angela Muvumba Sellström.

Bokra a7la (Tomorrow is Better): Embodying Political Agency after the Egyptian Revolution
(started in 2012). Maria Frederika Malmström

Conflict and State building in the Horn of Africa
(started in 2010). Redie Bereketeab

Daily Bread, Daily Dread - everyday interactions between security staff and small-scale economic operators in the DR Congo
(started in 2013). Maria Eriksson Baaz, Judith Verweijen and Ola Olsson

Demagogues of Hate or Shepherds of Peace: Why ‘Warlord Democrats’ (Re)securitize Wartime Identities
(started in 2014). Anders Themnér, Roxanna Sjöstedt and Mimmi Söderberg-Kovacs

Dynamics of Violent Conflicts since the Wave of Democratization in West Africa: Riots, Insurgencies and Counter-Insurgencies
(started in 2015). Victor Adetula

Security, Governance and Development Nexus
(started in 2015). Sirkku Hellsten

Wartime Mobilities in the Burkina Faso-Côte d’Ivoire Transnational Space
(started in 2014). Jesper Bjarnesen

Urban Dynamics

Changing Urban to Rural movements in Angola and Mozambique
(started in 2015). Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues

Infrastructure as Divination: Urban life in the Postcolony
(started in 2011). Erik Trovalla and Ulrika Trovalla

Making new mine towns and reviving old ones in Africa’s Copperbelt
(started in 2015). Patience Mususa

Medicine for Uncertain Futures: A Nigerian City in the Wake of a Crisis
(started in 2011). Ulrika Trovalla

The Transforming Post-apartheid City
(started in 2012). Annika Björnsdotter Teppo

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