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NB! During 2016 NAI Travel Scholarships are cancelled due to financial constraints.

The Travel Scholarship program has been running since 1963 and has given fieldwork opportunities in African countries for hundreds of students during the years. The Nordic Africa Institute now regrets to inform the 2016 Travel Scholarship applicants that the Institute will not be able to grant any Travel Scholarships during 2016 due to financial constraints and strategic re-allocation of resources. NAI trusts that the financial situation will improve during the coming year and will re-open the Travel Scholarship program again as soon as possible, hopefully already during 2017. The Study Scholarship program continues and more information on it will be posted on NAI’s website in due course.

Who can apply?
Students registered in educational programmes at Nordic universities, colleges and other research institutions in the Nordic countries (= Finland, Iceland and Sweden) can apply for the scholarships regardless of citizenship. The scholarships are only intended for MA and PhD candidates.

Which projects qualify for support?
The scholarships are intended for research and preparation of research projects. Research should concern development issues in Africa and emphasis is placed on the social sciences (anthropology, history, economics, human geography, political science, sociology etc).

Scholarships are intended to cover travel expenses to Africa and to contribute to the cost of local travel and living expenses. Exceptionally, scholarships may be awarded for archive studies in Europe.

What does not qualify for support?
Natural science projects must clearly motivate how they relate to social sciences and development. The scholarships are not awarded for study visits, excursions or participation in conferences. Funds to cover salary expenses cannot be applied for. Scholarships will not be awarded for fieldwork that has already been completed before 31 January (= the closing date for applications). Scholarships are not awarded to the same project more than once. Support is not given for language training trips. Persons employed by or otherwise professionally affiliated with the Nordic Africa Institute are not eligible for scholarship applications.

Closing date
The Travel Scholarships are awarded once per year and applications mailed to Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, P.O. Box 1703, SE-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden. NAI accepts applications sent by e-mail, please use:  Applications must be in by 31 January.

Evaluation of applications
The evaluation is a two-step process where the applications are primarily evaluated on the basis of scientific quality and relevance. Secondly, the distribution among the Nordic countries, disciplines and gender is considered.

Communication of results
Scholarships will be awarded late April. All applicants will receive notification in writing. The scholarships are payable as from May 1st.

For further information please contact Annika Franklin: or
phone +46-18 471 52 45.

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