More than medicine against Ebola

Fighting Ebola is about fighting distrust. Information on disease prevention must be disseminated in the right way to the people of West Africa. Aid workers need to be responsive and culturally sensitive, social anthropologist Mats Utas stresses.

Mats Utas 2014-10-15

Inequality heightens violence in Nigeria, researcher says

Henrik Angerbrandt

Extreme inequality, corruption and a dysfunctional state have raised the temperature in Nigeria to boiling point. Religious differences, however, are not the main reason for the ascent of the extremist group Boko Haram, NAI researcher Henrik Angerbrandts argues.

Ethiopian education troubled by double standards

addis queues

Despite competition from private universities, public universities in Ethiopia are still considered to be the best. In theory, private colleges and universities should be able to compete on equal terms with public universities. However, according to NAI researcher Getnet Fetene, this is not the case. He will present his research on Higher Education in Ethiopia during the Crismo-seminar 22 October at NAI.

Ebola from a political view

Ebola in Liberia, Sirleaf on the newspages

Mary Moran, Professor of Anthropology, takes a closer look at the ebola epidemic  in Liberia from a political perspective and also makes comparisons with Liberia's neighbors. "Although most press coverage continues to homogenize, universalize, and exoticize the spread of this 'African' virus, a quick comparison between Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone and their neighbors, Senegal and Nigeria, reveals the impact of recent civil conflict as a significant explanatory variable in the severity of impact."

Read Mary Moran's guest blog post at Mats Utas' blog 'Can Sirleaf survive ebola? Political legitimacy and government response to the ebola crisis in Liberia'.

Claude Ake Memorial Lecture

Wednesday October 22, 15.00 - 17.00,
  Professor Maxi Schoeman holds her Claude Ake Memorial Lecture. The title is "How Noble the Impulse, How Harsh the Realities?". Room IX at Uppsala University. Invitation and more information (pdf opens in new window).

Smallholder agriculture

– Widespread poverty, as well as food and income insecurity, plague Africa’s dominant smallholder agriculture, says NAI researcher Atakilte Beyene.

Download his Policy Note
‘Small farms under stress play a huge role for Africa’.

Read more.



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