Social anthropologist Tobias Haller.

Tradition key to better water use

Keys to securing Africa’s future need for water and food are hidden in its past. Local traditions provide sustainable systems for water use, researchers say at a NAI workshop.

Property rights change rural Tanzania

Lecture with Prof. Howard Stein (Michigan, USA)

The agricultural sector in Tanzania is changing dramatically. Various attempts have taken place to formalize property rights in rural areas. The aim is to secure access to land for small holder farmers and to encourage investment in agriculture. How successful have these initiatives been? How do they affect poverty?

Professor Howard Stein from the University of Michigan, USA, visits the Institute. His lecture in English is open for the public and no registration is needed.

Thursday November 6, at 15.15–17.00 at NAI, Villavägen 6, Uppsala. Invitation (pdf opens i new window).

Inequality heightens violence in Nigeria, researcher says

Henrik Angerbrandt

Extreme inequality, corruption and a dysfunctional state have raised the temperature in Nigeria to boiling point. Religious differences, however, are not the main reason for the ascent of the extremist group Boko Haram, NAI researcher Henrik Angerbrandts argues.

Ethiopian education troubled by double standards

addis queues

Despite competition from private universities, public universities in Ethiopia are still considered to be the best. In theory, private colleges and universities should be able to compete on equal terms with public universities. However, according to NAI researcher Getnet Fetene, this is not the case. He will present his research on Higher Education in Ethiopia during the Crismo-seminar 22 October at NAI.

More than medicine against Ebola

Mats Utas 2014-10-15

Fighting Ebola is about fighting distrust. Information on disease prevention must be disseminated in the right way to the people of West Africa. Aid workers need to be responsive and culturally sensitive, social anthropologist Mats Utas stresses.

Will I get kidnapped?

Our Senior Researcher Ole Martin Gaasholt’s head was buzzing with warnings about being attacked or kidnapped when he returned to Northern Mali. He created smoke-screens and avoided the guys on motorbikes, but the real danger lied somewhere else. Read his blog post.

On Boko Haram and the elections

The inability of Nigerian authorities to handle Boko Haram gives the antagonism increasingly religous characteristics. This according to Henrik Angerbrandt, researcher at NAI, in the latest issue of the publication Världspolitikens dagsfrågor published by the Swedish Institute of Foreign Affairs.

A frank account of free Namibia

'Understanding Namibia', by NAI senior advisor Henning Melber, has been called the most substantial report ever on independent Namibia. It provides a frank account of a state that shook off colonial rule but has yet to see the fruits of independence distributed evenly among its people.

Order the book here.



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