For a fistful of gold

Workers in small-scale gold mines in West Africa see themselves as entrepreneurs, actively developing their expertise and their careers. This surprised NAI researcher and anthropologist Cristiano Lanzano when he first entered the gold-mining community.

Al Shabaab seeks attention


“Al Shabaab has become weaker over the last years and needs to promote itself. There is also a competition between different jihadist groups”. NAI-researcher Mats Utas gives his analysis in Swedish TV on the occasion of threats against Western shopping malls.

Delaying tactics in DR Congo

President Joseph Kabila of DR Congo is going for delaying tactics to stay in power. While the protesters and opposition won in the recent struggle around the proposed time-consuming census, the battle is not yet over. There are various other delaying tactics that may be played out by the regime the coming months,  NAI-researcher Maria Eriksson Baaz says in a interview.

Guide on tricky land laws

Land laws
Photo: A. Davey/Wikicommons

Laws on land and water are complex but fundamental. One of many challenges is to be aware of the legislations when it comes to land lease for investment purposes. Birhanu Woldegiorgis has now compiled the land laws in Tanzania and Ethiopia into a NAI-paper that can be used as a guide, and a basis for amending the existing laws.Download the Occasional Paper here.

Put business pressure on China

Photo: VillageInitiative/Wikicommons

China is the most important trading partner for African countries. Today there is an imbalance in the business relations that needs to be changed. African economies must switch from exporting natural resources to exporting manufactured goods. The regional organisations in Africa have a crucial role. Read more in a new report from NAI by Daouda Cissé.

Farmers to manage food banks

food banks
Photo: Erina Mukuta/Wikicommons

Prolonged drought and lack of good seeds are the main sources of food insecurity in African countries. To mitigate the effects of climate change and to improve their lifes, food banks can be crucial for small holder farmers. NAI scholarship holder Joseph Watuleke has studied the challenges for agriculture in Uganda and proposes that the food banks should be owned by communities and managed by local farmers. Read more in this new Current African Issues from NAI.

Research on GM crops too slow


Genetically modified crops may be a solution to Africa’s food security problem. However, they may also bring side effects that harm environment and human health. “The crucial question is if Africa can wait for research to give a definite answer about the risks while the demand for food increases on the continent”, former NAI researcher Tommy Arvidsson says.
Read brand new Policy Note on GM crops by Tommy Arvidsson.

NAI seeks a research communicator

Do you want to help NAI reaching out with its research? Are you a trained journalist with documented language skills in Swedish? Then send your application for the vacant job as research communicator. Deadline for applications: 25 March, 2015. Read complete ad here (in Swedish).

Analysis on Nigeria

Do you want to know more about the upcoming elections in Nigeria?  NAI has several film clips with interviews and discussions on YouTube.

Peer-reviewed articles

'Infrastructure turned suprastructure : unpredictable materialities and visions of a Nigerian nation' by
Ulrika and Eric Trovalla. Journal of material culture. Read the article in the digital archive DiVA (opens in new window).

'The Place of Gentrification in Cape Town' by Annika Teppo and Marianne Millstein. Global Gentrifications. Uneven development and displacement. / [ed] Loretta Lees, Hyun Bang Shin, Ernesto López-Morales, Bristol: Policy Press, 2015, 419-440. Read the article in the digital archive DiVA (opens in new window).

Senior Researcher wanted

NAI is looking for a Senior Researcher and Leader for the Research Cluster on Mobility, Migration and Transnational Relations in Africa. The researcher will conduct and co-ordinate highly qualified research that addresses central theoretical and empirical aspects of human mobility, transnational networks, diasporas and migration policy. Closing date for applications: March 9, 2015

Read the complete advertisment for the Cluster Leader position here.

African Guest Researcher

The African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Programme is directed at scholars in Africa, engaged in research on the African continent. Female researchers are especially encouraged to apply. More details about the scholarship programme here. Deadline for applications: 1 April 2015 (for a scholarship in 2016).

Policy Notes - analysis on current affairs

Former fighters, postwar stability
The case of Liberia shows that former commanders can play a positive role when rebuilding war-torn societies. Read more in Policy Note #6, 2014.

Water and Africa’s resource crisis
Finding enough water, not land, will be the major challenge for securing Africa’s future food production. Read more in Policy Note #4, 2014.