Glimmers of hope in Liberia

From Ebola-gripped Liberia some positive signs emerge. In the cocoa-producing county of Lofa the spread of the disease appears to decrease sharply and smallholder farmers look forward to a good harvest, explains NAI researcher Gun Eriksson Skoog.

Female leaders are still disregarded

"All women want to be respected for their contributions", Grace Chirenje of the Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peace Building says.
Interviews with Grace Chirenje, Gertrude Fester and Ramola Ramtohul who participated in the panel on Governance and Gender at the Nordic Africa Days in Uppsala September 2014.

Elite threatens elections in Nigeria

The political elite can be the greatest threat to the elections in Nigeria – not Boko Haram and the deteriorated security situation, as many think. Our researcher Henrik Angerbrandt analyses the situation in Nigeria, heading for general elections in February 2015, in his blog post.

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Diaspora important in peacebuilding

Although diverse, scattered and at times conflict-prone, the diaspora originating from the Horn of Africa plays an important role in building peace an stability. Liisa Laakso and Petri Hautaniemi, editors of a new book in the Africa Now series, presented their research at two seminars in Helsinki.

Seminar: Promoting development in trade policies

Trucks with merchandise

The value of exports from Sub-Saharan Africa is many times larger than the aid they receive. EU’s trade policy affects low-income countries in many ways. The Union has the power to improve the situation of millions of people living in poverty by making sure that its trade policies promote development. The seminar 'Partnership or hardship? EU-Africa trade relations' was held in Stockholm on Nov 24. Read more about the event. Moderator: NAI researcher Johan Kiessling. Use the hashtag  #euivarlden.

Video: Burkina Faso's future

Recent events and democratic scenarios – where is Burkina Faso heading? Prof. Sten Hagberg from Uppsala University and Senior Researcher Jesper Bjarnesen from NAI discussed the situation in Burkina Faso on November 7. The discussion was held in Swedish.

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Distrust lingers in wake of Ebola

Misuse of power further decreases the trust in the Sierra Leonean and Liberian governments in the midst of the Ebola outbreak, NAI researcher Mats Utas says. He was interviewed by Swedish Radio in the Ebola special where the audience asked about the deadly virus.

Mai Palmberg

Launch of Festschrift

The book 'Culture and the Contemporary African' is a tribute to the commitment of Mai Palmberg to African Studies in all her years of service at the Nordic Africa Institute.

Welcome to the launch of the Festschrift at NAI! Wednesday November 26th starting 15.15.  Registration required no later than November 24th - please read invitation (pdf opens in new window).


Senior Researcher
- with focus on the study of African economies.
The Nordic Africa Institute’s new African Scholar Program aims to provide time to conduct research for scholars at African higher education and research institutions. Closing date for applications: November 30, 2014.  Read the complete advertisement here.

Bibliotekarie (halvtid), vikariat under tiden februari – november 2015. Som bibliotekarie arbetar du med flertalet av de arbetsuppgifter som ingår på ett specialbibliotek men med tyngdpunkt på praktiskt förvärv och yttre tjänst. I den yttre tjänsten ingår bl a regelbunden tjänstgöring i lån och informationsdisken. Sista ansökningsdatum: 3 december 2014 . Läs hela annonsen här.

Nordic Africa Network Coordinator

A position as Nordic Africa Network Coordinator (50 percent) has been established for a period of one year. The task during this period is to build up the organisation through active mobilization of members in the Nordic region and to fundraise to secure the long term financing of the organisation. Closing day for applications: December 15, 2014.
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Senior Researcher and Leader - two positions
The Nordic Africa Institute is seeking two experienced researchers of a professorial rank or its academic equivalent, with considerable administrative/management, mentoring, and publishing experience for the position of a senior researcher and leader of the research cluster on Conflict, Security and Democratic Transformation in Africa and for the position of a senior researcher and leader of the research cluster on Mobility, Migration and Transnational Relations in Africa. Closing date for applications: January 15, 2015.
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