Democracy or one party?

In June, Al-Bashir, Sudan’s leader since 1989, was sworn in for another five years as president. Few if any experts had expected any other outcome of the 2015 election. But will the 71 year old ex-military leader, who is accused by the ICC of war crimes in Darfur, continue his initiatives for national dialogue and overcome the country’s major economic and security hurdles?

Seminar and launch - Festschrift for Kjell Havnevik

Festschrift Kjell Havnevik

The Festschrift is a collection of essays focusing on East Africa, with an emphasis on Tanzania. The book chapters review the challenges that agricultural producers have faced in the past and risk facing today and tomorrow.

Tuesday 15 September 2015 at 14.15 - 16. 30 at  The Nordic Africa Institute. Reception: 16.30 -17.30 hrs. Please note that registration is required.
Please see programme and details in the invitation -  (pdf opens in new window).

Burundi is not Rwanda

NAI researcher warns against simplistic comparisons

Jesper Bjarnesen

Fear is spreading in Burundi, a country with a history of ethnic violence between Hutu and Tutsi. This scenario brings to mind the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. However, the situation in the two countries is very different. Jesper Bjarnesen, senior researcher at NAI, explains why.

Return migrants as developers?

“Just because people have lived in Europe does not mean they are able to overcome structural problems in their countries of origin”, NAI researcher Lisa Åkesson says.
Åkesson and Maria Eriksson Baaz are editors of new Zed Book that questions the idea of African return migrants as the new developers.
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Studies on Africa in the Nordic countries

Study scholarships - applications for a number of one-month scholarships to facilitate use of the Institute’s library. Read more and apply for study scholarships here.

Scholarships for PhD candidates - write your PhD dissertation in Uppsala. Read more and apply for scholarships for PhD candidates here.

Deadline for both these scholarships is October 1st 2015.

Good things come in threes

A sociologist, an archaeologist and a criminologist. Our research team at the Nordic Africa Institute will be strengthened in September by the arrival of three new guest researchers.

South Sudan

Is peace possible in South Sudan?

In the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa efforts are made to stop the 20-month long civil war in the young nation of South Sudan. The talks between the South Sudanese government and rebels are led by the regional organisation IGAD.

For in-depth analysis on the conflict we recommend the Policy Note 'Why South Sudan conflict is Proving Intractable?', by NAI-researcher Redie Bereketeab.

New laws on gender equality in Burkina Faso

“Previously, women only acquired land by getting married and they never could inherit from their husbands. Now, with new laws on gender equality in Burkina Faso, things are changing”, NAI researcher Cristiano Lanzano said during the 6th European Conference on African Studies in Paris.
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The making of pure womanhood in Cairo

NAI researcher Maria Malmström contributes with one chapter on the making of pure womanhood among Muslim women in Cairo and is interviewed in another chapter on female genital cutting.
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NAI books on the internet

We are now publishing our Africa Now book series on the internet for anyone to download and read. This will allow our researchers to reach new readers and to be more frequently cited in other academic work.

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