Cocoa farmers better off

Increased competition among buyers and farmers organising themselves in cooperatives have led to better business opportunities for smallholder cocoa farmers in Liberia, NAI researcher Gun Eriksson Skoog concludes in a fresh study. She is now in Liberia to share her findings with farmers and Liberian officials.

“The coca farmers are still depending on the buyers, but their position has definitely improved, thanks to a new form of market”, Eriksson Skoog says.

See video with Gun Eriksson Skoog

NAI crime panel
The African Crime-panel, from left: Margie Orford, Helon Habila, Lauri Kubuitsile, Ashleigh Harris, Iina Soiri. Photo: Kalle Laajala.

African detective novels a good start

Åsa Lund Moberg, head of the library at the Nordic Africa Institute was interviewed at radio P4 Uppland on the occasion of the theme day on "African Crime". She noted that the detective story is an easy entry to other literature for those who are not used to reading. Åsa Lund Moberg also talked about the African authors participating in the "African Crime"-day and invited the public to the library which is open to all. Listen to the interview here (in Swedish).

Pictures at Flickr from the Africa Crime-event (opens in new window).

In Burundi life is on pause

Burundi map

In Burundi the political chaos is making it difficult for ordinary people to do their everyday-business. In a blogpost Gudrun Sif Fridriksdottir tells of a teacher who puts on sports attire before going to work. The teacher fears being stopped by protesters if he were to dress more professional-like. Read more on Mats Utas’ blog (opens in new window).

No legal option for migrants


The European Union is very wide of the mark in its efforts to deal with migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean, according to NAI researcher Anitta Kynsilehto. Instead, long-term solutions on legal labour migration to Europe, as well as legal ways of seeking asylum, must be provided.

Liberia free from Ebola


Liberia will now be declared free from Ebola. According to NAI researcher Mats Utas, this is mainly thanks to a great effort by the Liberians themselves.

Vacancy: Researcher from Finland

The Nordic Africa Institute invites applications for the position of Nordic Researcher from Finland.  Finland, Norway and Sweden are each represented by a researcher at the Institute. These researchers shall facilitate and maintain contacts with relevant research institutions and communities in the Nordic countries and arrange conferences, seminars, workshops and other public events in the Nordic countries. Read the complete advertisement here.

Closing date for applications: 1 June 2015

Failed attempt of coup

“We haven’t seen the end of this conflict", NAI researcher Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs comments the failed attempt of ousting government in Burundi in Swedish Public Service Radio.

World Village Festival 23–24 May

The Nordic Africa Institute participates for the first time in the World Village Festival in Helsinki. The theme of the 2015 festival is development and the regional focus is Africa and the Middle East. Iina Soiri, director of the Institute, takes part in two programs on Saturday May 23rd. The event is open to all!

Read more about the festival and NAI's participation.

Lack of trust

"If information about Ebola comes from traditional leaders people will listen. Not so much if it comes from governmental authorities in West Africa", NAI researcher Mats Utas says in Swedish Radio.

Burundi’s political reality

“I am told that everyone knows everyone in Burundi, and that you can be singled out for failing to support the party of five at the top.” NAI researcher Angela Muvumba Sellström explains the political particularities of Burundi, the small African republic that according to some commentators is about to implode. Read more on Mats Utas’ blog.

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