Inclusive growth talks in Maputo

NAI director Iina Soiri and other Nordic experts, academics and development practitioners will engage in dialogue with their Mozambican partners in October on the topic of inclusive growth. The conference is opened by the President of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi and involves the country’s ministers for finance and natural resources.

Henning Mankell 1948-2015

Henning Mankell
Henning Mankell. Photo:©Lina Ikse. Leopard Publishing.

It is with outmost sadness that NAI received the news about author Henning Mankell's death. He visited NAI on several occasions. In 2012 Henning Mankell inaugurated a dedicated fiction literature room in the NAI library that bears his name. Henning Mankell lived in Maputo during long periods and was the artistic leader for Teatro Avenida. We extend our sincere condolences to his family.

We recommend this filmed conversation between Henning Mankell and Mia Couto at the Book Fair in Gothenburg 2010.

"I live with one foot in the sand and one in the snow. There's European egocentricity, and the African opposite. I normally say that my African experience has made me a better European."

Rethinking the refugee crisis


Create legal entry points into the EU and start recruiting labour through EU embassies in Africa. And don’t forget the individual aspirations and capabilities of the migrants. NAI’s migration researcher Jesper Bjarnesen offers advice to EU policymakers in the new Policy Report “Rethinking the Mediterranean Crisis”.

The dehumanising view of migrants and immigration signifies not merely a lack of empathy, it is also inefficient, Bjarnesen argues.

Big projects around Lake Tana

The Ribb Dam in Northern Etiopia is one of many planned dams in the Lake Tana region. The dam has several purposes; it will serve as water reservoir to be used during the dry season, be used for irrigation purposes, and to reduce silt downstream. However, there are also challenges.
A team of researchers from NAI involved in a project on hydro-politics in the Nile River Basin went to see the dam with their own eyes.

Investing in research pays off

"Every child must learn how to read, write and count. But African governments and international development organizations shouldn’t put all their resources and efforts on primary education. Investments in higher education and research may in the long run solve development problems in Africa", NAI researcher Måns Fellesson argues.

See interview with Måns Fellesson below.

Upcoming event

13 October
Public lecture with Professor Yash Ghai at 15.15 –17.00, 'State, society and economy'.

Open to all, welcome!
More information about our events here.

Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Nobel Peace Prize 2015

With the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 being awarded to the National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia the NAI library has compiled two useful lists of books:

1. About the Arab spring
2. About Tunisia

Traditional medicine

Workshop on traditional African healing

Traditional African medicine was long dismissed and discriminated against as harmful superstition. In recent years, however, the value of traditional healing practices has been slowly recognized by researchers as well as a number of African governments and official authorities. The Nordic Africa Institute is now, together with University of the Western Cape and University of Jyväskylä, taking the initiative to bring together researchers, activists and policy practitioners within this discipline to discuss issues of public health and traditional healing.


NAI researher at peace conference in Khartoum

Redie Bereketeab, researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, has been invited to discuss possible solutions to the ongoing conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan at a conference arranged by University of Bahri in Sudan, University of Juba in South Sudan and George Mason University in USA. The conference will be held in the Sudanese capital Khartoum from 29 September to 1 October.

Concept note summary (pdf opens in new window).

Festschrift for Kjell Havnevik

The Festschrift is a collection of essays focusing on East Africa, with an emphasis on Tanzania. The book chapters review the challenges that agricultural producers have faced in the past and risk facing today and tomorrow.

The book is available in full text format for Open Access at the online digital archive Diva. If you want the book in print, you can order it from one of the following distributors.

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