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The Nordic Africa Institute, NAI, is a research centre focused on Africa. It is jointly financed by the governments of Finland, Iceland and Sweden.

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"We should fight impunity, not whistle-blowers"

RESEARCH ON ETHICS Corruption, although it is a global phenomenon, has particular implications for development in African countries. Each year, billions of dollars disappear from the continent and end up in tax havens. “It takes global efforts to fight against...

Clinging on to power

LIFE-LONG PRESIDENTS They are criticized of violence, fraud and bending the law. But still they keep getting re-elected.

Expect the unexpected

In a series of portraits called ‘Meet the NAI family’ you get to know the NAI staff a little bit better. The portraits have previously been published on Facebook but are now also available here at our website. And more are on their way!

Aid and authoritarian regimes in Africa

Almost half of Africa’s top aid recipients are ruled by authoritarian regimes. Even if democracy and human rights are on international donor’s agenda, in practice, their development policies help maintain political status quo. Tobias Hagmann and Filip...

Pamphlets make a difference in research

The institute’s library holds a large collection of pamphlets, which many researchers and documentary film-makers have found invaluable. A large part of the collection dates back to the liberation struggles in Africa, and many of the documents survive...

Improved democracy in West Africa

“In many West African countries democracy is gaining steam. Elections are free and fair, and opposition candidates get in power without the use of violence”, NAI head of research Victor Adetula says. With time, he argues, this tendency will spread...

The Politics of Female Circumcision

In Egypt, 91 percent of women aged 15-49 have undergone female circumcision or genital mutilation/cutting, according to UNICEF. Female circumcision has become a political minefield with 'Western' interventions affecting Egyptian affairs. In a new...

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