Changes don’t come easy

The Uganda elections on 18 February are not likely to bring change. Anything other than the continued incumbency of Yoweri Museveni, president for the last 30 years, will come as a major surprise to most observers.

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One man’s war on corruption

It seems as if the campaign promises during last year’s election were not just cheap talk. President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has during his first year in office launched serious initiatives to fight corruption. Although there have to date been few convictions, several cases involving billions and billions of embezzled state finances have been brought out into the open.

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After the oil rush

Angola’s oil industry generated US$ 468 billion during the 13-year boom that ended in 2014. Now, as the prosperity vanishes, Angolans are left with one question: where did all the money go?

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“Democracy not the target”

Last Friday’s terror attacks in Burkina Faso, that killed 30 people, came at a time when the country is in a c...

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