mali war

Peace requires economic justice

Sweden is preparing a peacekeeping operation to Mali, as negotiations take place between the Malian government and rebel groups in Algiers. According to NAI researcher Ole Martin Gaasholt, to achieve sustainable peace, poverty-stricken northern Mali needs to become fully integrated economically.


Guest Researcher at NAI

African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Programme

The African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Programme is directed at scholars in Africa, engaged in research on the African continent. Female researchers are especially encouraged to apply. More details about the scholarship programme here. Deadline for applications: 1 April 2015 (for a scholarship in 2016).

Mali puts Swedish troops to the test

Deadly violence, fighting between Tuareg groups, and very hash conditions are some of the challenges for the Swedish UN troops going to Mali. At a seminar in Stockholm, researchers and military personnel discussed the realities facing the 250 soldiers in the desert.

Finding love through Facebook

Social media Egypt

Young Egyptians increasingly find love through Facebook. However, most profiles and status updates are clearly shaped by traditional values. NAI scholarship-holder and PhD student Senni Jyrkiäinen is researching young expectations of love in Egypt.

Immigration control as entrepreneurship

The tug-of-war between the South African government and African migrants in Johannesburg over immigration control benefits none of the parties. To break the vicious cycle, NAI researcher Christal Spel proposes a “business-like” approach, where the SA government runs immigration control as an enterprise, while the citizens are its staff and the migrants its clients.
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Information is a weapon in Nigeria

It has been described as the deadliest massacre in Boko Haram’s violent history, the attack on a fisher village in north-eastern Nigeria in early 2015. But that is precisely how the parties of the conflict want us to think. Intentional exaggeration is a part of the war, NAI researcher Mats Utas says.

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Policy Notes - analysis on current affairs

Former fighters, postwar stability
The case of Liberia shows that former commanders can play a positive role when rebuilding war-torn societies. Read more in Policy Note #6, 2014.

Cisis in democratic governance

'Kenya : The Struggle for a New Constitutional Order' by Godwin Murunga, Duncan Okello, and Anders Sjögren (Eds.). Africa Now series

The aftermath of recent Kenyan elections has been marred by violence and an apparent crisis in democratic governance, with the negotiated settlement resulting from the 2007 election bringing into sharp focus longstanding problems of state and society. The broader reform process has involved electoral, judicial and security sector reforms, among others, which in turn revolve around constitutional reforms.
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