Nigeria elections 2015

Historic elections in Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan has lost the elections in Nigeria. Now he is responsible for keeping the rest of the election process peaceful by accepting his defeat and stepping down from power, declares NAI researcher Henrik Angerbrandt.

Poor appetite for reading


Run-down buildings and crimes on every street corner – is that how central Johannesburg is portrayed? NAI guest researcher Kudzayi Ngara examines urban spaces in literature.

West can learn from Liberia


Africa is not exceptional. On the contrary, studies of African rebel movements can help us understand what is going on in other parts of the world, including today’s Ukraine. Both in Liberia and in Ukraine the armed conflict is question of strategy to obtain political goals.

Immigration and the oil boost

Oil industry Angola

Last autumn, the Angolan economy was thriving, boosted by the country’s oil exports. Now, just a few months later, oil prices have plunged dramatically, changing the opportunities on the labour market.

African Crime Day at NAI

21 May 2015 - African Crime: Fiction and Facts

Wanjiku wa Ngugi. Photo: MTV, Finland.

Meet authors and researchers discussing the trend of African crime fiction and crime in an African setting. The event is in English and open to all. Please register for the event. Program and registration.

Peaceful but not fair elections

“Preventing violence can’t be the only focus. In 2013, elections in Kenya were peaceful, but not free and fair”, NAI researcher Anders Sjögren gives his insights on the Kenyan elections 2007 and 2013 in a video interview.

Not much of help

Poor urban residents in Freetown, Sierra Leone, view systems of the state as hindrance to survival rather than a helping hand. Read article by Mats Utas in Italian journal Antropologia.

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Six ways to end conflict in war-torn South Sudan

Political parties must get serious and Ugandan troops must leave. But it will take more to end the  conflict in South Sudan. NAI’s Redie Bereketeab gives six recommendations in this new Policy Note.

Analysis on Nigeria

Do you want to know more about the upcoming elections in Nigeria?  NAI has several film clips with interviews and discussions on YouTube.

To end with life-time presidents in Africa

Can the Nordic governments be helpful in coming to an end with “life-time” presidents in Africa? Read analysis by Jesper Bjarnesen in Danish journal Udvikling (page 28-31).  

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The search tool AfricaLitPlus brings together books, publications and articles of the NAI Library, plus a selection of other sources for Africa studies, in one place.

Flow and failure

Predicting failure as well as flow of infrastructure is a necessary skill in Nigeria. NAI researchers Erik and Ulrika Trovalla’s article is one of the top five most read articles in Journal of Material Culture. And it is Open Access for everyone to download!

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