Film making in Tanzania

Film making in Tanzania

Along with being a researcher and teaching film and theatre at the University of Dar-es-Salaam, NAI guest researcher Vicensia Shule also runs her own film production company. Most of the contracts she gets are from national or international NGOs or state institutions for making films with a social message, for example, within the framework of various campaigns.
– Those films are my breadwinners, although not always very entertaining to produce. But they give me an income and a chance to invest in other less lucrative projects. At least once a year, l try to produce something l really want to do, even if l don’t get funded for it, and I take my chances on the commercial market, she remarks.

What is a moral community?

In the spring of 2014, The Nordic Africa Institute places particular emphasis on ongoing political, social and moral upheavals in African cities. In this film clip NAI researchers Annika Teppo and Marianne Millstein talk about the theme 'Moral communities in transforming African cities'.

Reference source on late 20th century history of national liberation in Southern Africa and the role of the Nordic countries:

The available materials are mainly in the Nordic languages, but where possible, English is indicated. The website holdings include interviews with important actors, photographs, publications and posters and pins from 1960-1996.

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Social impact of HIV

What social impact is HIV/AIDS having in Ghana? This is a topic of interest to new NAI researcher Perpetual Crentsil. During the course of her research, she discovered that one region in Ghana has a much lower HIV/AIDS prevalence rate than others. She is aiming to explore the reasons for this.

Upcoming event at NAI

Wednesday April 23,
15.15 - 17.00, public lecture: 'Movie stars, Detroit cars and African spirit shrines in New York City' with Jane Parish.

Drawing on her expertise on Akan witchcraft among Ghanaian diaspora communities in the UK, Paris and New York, Dr Parish will probe the interaction between movie stars, Detroit automobiles and African spirit shrines in New York City. In NAI lecture series 'Moral Communities in transforming African cities’.
Venue: The Nordic Africa Institute, Villavägen 6, Uppsala.

NAD 2014 - Call for papers

The Nordic Africa Days (NAD) is the biannual conference of the Nordic Africa Institute organised for the past 15 years in the Nordic Countries. In 2014 the Nordic Africa Days is taking place in Uppsala, Sweden, September 26-27. Paper proposals should be submitted no later than May 15th 2014.

Read all details about submission of paper proposals here.

How to study Africa

The NAI library has revised and updated 'Studying Africa: A Guide to the Sources'.
The guide provides practical advice on handbooks, databases, statistics and offers other support for literature and fact searches. It is available online without cost – download here.



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