NAI’s research is organised into distinct research clusters or research domains, click on each cluster name in the menu to read more.

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ConflictMigration and mobilityRural and agrarianUrban Dynamics

Research at NAI

The Nordic Africa Institute is a research institution tasked to undertake and encourage studies on contemporary African or Africa-related issues by scholars in mainly the Nordic and African countries.

The multi-disciplinary focus of its research agenda addresses topical issues within the social sciences. With its research activities pursuing close interaction between Nordic and African scholars, the Institute seeks to enhance international collaboration and aims to contribute towards and stimulate academic as well as informed public debate.

Researchers with external funding

Researchers with external funding are welcome to apply for an employment at the Institute. Your research must fit in one of NAI's clusters. Read more here.

Postdoc positions at NAI

Postdocs with own funds are welcome to apply to be hosted at the Institute. The postdocs research must fit in one of the NAI clusters. Researchers based at Nordic or African research institutions will be favoured. The time to be hosted will not be limited in minimum time of stay but a maximum of 2 years is set.

Read more here about postdoc positions at NAI.

Policy-related publications series

Policy Notes: Brief, easily accessible research information on themes such as conflict and trade. Download for free.

Policy Dialogue: This terminated series of short reports on policy relevant issues aims to inform the public debate and to generate input in the sphere of policymaking. Download for free.


NAI’s research is organised into distinct research clusters. The current research clusters are:

Rural Cluster
Agrarian Change, Property and Resources

Conflict Cluster
Conflict, Security and Democratic Transformation

Migration and mobility Cluster
Migration, mobility and transnational relations
Urban Cluster
Urban Dynamics


Many publications from the Nordic Africa Institute are available for free download from the Swedish Academic Archive On-line “DiVA” - a publishing system for research and student theses and a digital archive for long-term preservation of publications. Click here to search NAI's publications in DiVA.

Read more about NAI-publishing.